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What is causing my high cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a topic that causes so much confusion when it comes to our health. Cholesterol is necessary in our body as it helps to build our sex hormones – estrogen, testosterone and progesterone, vitamin D and is essential for our cell membrane health and bile production. When our levels of cholesterol are tested the standard blood tests will usually includeTotal Cholesterol HDL LDL TriglyceridesLDL cholesterol is sometimes called “bad” cholesterol because too much of it can cause fatty deposits to build up inside the walls of our arteries, restricting blood flow to the heart and brain. HDL cholesterol helps to remove the LDL cholesterol from your bloodstream which is why it’s often referred to as “good” cholesterol. Triglycerides are a type of fat in the blood, used...


Are your hormones sabotaging your weight loss?

Have you tried everything and are still struggling to get rid of that extra weight around your middle? While calories and diet quality are important factors when it comes to managing weight it may be your hormones at play.How do hormones affect your weight? Hormones support many important functions within the body, including your ability to maintain muscle, sleep, lose body fat, and experience stress and hunger. When a hormonal imbalance occurs, it becomes significantly harder to lose weight. The main hormones that affect your weight are Cortisol: your body makes cortisol in response to stress, but most of us are in a state of fight or flight too much of the time, and our cortisol is high as a result. High cortisol levels over time deplete happy...


What is causing my bloating?

There are so many causes of bloating and its not always about the food. This is an area that can confuse so many and I want you to know that its not always about the food as I outline below. Yes some food groups can cause our gut to bloat after eating them. This can be a normal physiological reaction. Normal bloating shouldn’t cause too much discomfort and it passes after a short period of time. I believe our bodies are designed to eat real, whole foods. Our bodies know what do to with them, they are designed to break them down and digest them. As we get older it becomes harder to digest foods such as dairy as we stop producing much of the enzyme to...

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Are you supporting your liver?

How are you supporting your liver? Nurturing this incredible organ is so critical when it comes to how we feel each day. The liver works pretty hard 24/7 to rid those toxins from our everyday as well as break down our sex hormones (estrogen) and cholesterol as well as other amazing things. There are no tests for a congested liver but it is easy for it to become overloaded from our diet & lifestyle and then it can’t do it’s job of detoxing our bodies effectively.Signs our liver may need some more loveyou struggle with PMT with crazy mood swings and cramping. This can be a sign your sex hormones are out of balance due to liver congestion you often wake up during the night and...