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Corporate Nutrition Workshops

Feel better. Move better. Work better. 

Are you looking for ways to motivate and inspire your employees?

 Do you want to create a healthy, happy and thriving workplace?

Or perhaps you’re looking to reduce stress, while increasing productivity?

In today’s world, creating a positive workplace requires more than putting free tea and coffee in the break room.

Employers are increasingly seeing the benefits of providing inspiring, practical and simple health and nutrition advice – which has flow-on effects for energy, mental clarity, morale, stress management and productivity.

My corporate nutrition workshops are interactive, hands-on and tailored to your business. By the end of our time together, employees will walk away with a renewed feeling of confidence and inspiration, helping them to reshape their daily food habits.

Topics include…

  • Nutrition for busy workplaces
  • Gut health
  • Diet and stress
  • Importance of gut health
  • Eating for better mental health
  • Diet for stress and anxiety management
  • Easy meals and snacks for busy people
  • Healthy weight loss
  • Nutrition myth-busting

Why me?  

Once upon a time (before my postgrad in nutrition) I worked in the corporate world. So I get it. I understand the stress, mental demands, long hours and why nutrition is often the last thing you think about after the long commute home (cooking? What’s that?)

I used this experience as inspiration when creating these workshops. I focus on simplicity and sustainability, giving your workplace the tools to build lasting and realistic habits.


Ready to recharge your workplace?

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Here’s how it works…

01 Get in touch

Fill out my contact form with your name, contact number and email address, plus any additional information about your workplace culture and demands.

 02 Discovery call

This is a chance to introduce ourselves and discuss your workplace goals – whether that’s eating for mental health or nutritious snack ideas for busy employees.

 03 Proposal

After our call I’ll put together a custom proposal and 50% upfront invoice, so we can set a date and secure your spot in my calendar.

 04 Presentation

In the lead up to your workshop, I’ll spend some time preparing your presentation and tailoring it to your business needs.

 05 Healthier workplace culture

The tools and advice I offer are simple, sustainable and delicious, with the end goal being a real, lasting impact on your workplace culture. 


“Excellent knowledge and support from a practitioner who is not only passionate about nutrition, but helping people improve their health and wellbeing.”-       Chris R