Empowering women to energise their body, nourish their gut, balance their hormones and live their healthiest, most fulfilling life

Hey, I’m Alison Tehan.  

Your Nutritionist on the Mornington Peninsula.

Whether you’re looking to adopt better eating habits, reclaim your energy, find balance, manage health concerns or rediscover your zest for life – I believe it all comes back to the way you nourish your body.

And that’s why I’m here: working as a holistic nutritionist on the Mornington Peninsula, helping women just like you support their body in a way that works for them.

How you can work with me

Private Consultations

In my private nutrition consultation, I’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your health history and where you’re at. Then, I’ll help you develop realistic, long-lasting habits to reach your goals – whether that’s increasing energy or managing existing symptoms and health concerns.

Corporate Presentations

Food has flow-on effects for energy, mental clarity, morale, stress management and productivity – all things that contribute to a healthy and successful workplace. My corporate nutrition workshops will give employees the tools and inspiration to reshape their food habits.


I’m a postgraduate qualified Nutritionist on the Mornington Peninsula, dedicated to empowering women to eat a wholefood diet and rediscover their health, energy and vitality.My method is simple: I recognise we all have our own unique relationship with food. So naturally, I take a completely tailored approach to improving your nutrition and lifestyle, giving holistic, evidence-based advice for you – and only you.

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