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Thriving in Perimenopause Retreat

We invite you to our Women’s retreat that will truly nourish and help you to reconnect / reawaken and live your best life. This retreat is a blend of restorative practices and interactive and transformational workshops that are designed to help you feel confident and empowered navigating your life after 40.

The retreat will take place at a stunning, private and secluded studio with a gorgeous leafy green outdoor area located beachside in Mt Eliza on Saturday 20th May from 9am – 5pm.

What you can expect on the Retreat:

  • Qualified and experienced workshop facilitators: Ali Tehan (Nutritionist) and Chrissy Barrett (PT, yoga instructor & health coach).
  • The day will start with a grounding Vinyasa yoga flow designed to calm the mind and help you connect to your body. (All levels welcome)
  • A morning interactive workshop facilitated by Chrissy and designed to help you rediscover / reclaim yourself post 40. Discover how to live life in line with your values, find your purpose and truly love life again.
  • A nourishing and delicious gourmet lunch & morning / afternoon tea designed by Ali and lovingly cooked by Libby Purvis.
  • An afternoon nutrition workshop focused on how to nourish your body after 40. Learn how to support and maximise your hormonal, gut and mental health. Ali will provide information and practical advice to help you thrive throughout perimenopause/menopause.
  • A calming breathwork and meditation session to conclude the day.
  • A supportive, intimate and safe environment with a small group of women.

This immersive retreat will book out quickly so call either Ali or Chrissy to find out more and reserve your spot. Isn’t it time you made yourself a priority!

Retreat Cost: $320 All inclusive

Bookings / enquiries: Ali 0410 413 024 / Chrissy 0419 110 731