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Probiotics and what you need to know

Probiotics are something that I've noticed many people take without really knowing what they are taking and if they provide any benefit. It seems that there is still some confusion regarding the benefits and prescribing of probiotics, especially when they are purchased over the counter at the chemist or online.To help guide you in purchasing and taking probiotics for maximum benefit, i have provided some information below.Probiotics can be incredibly beneficial for our digestive health and overall well-being. However, not all probiotics are created equal, and understanding some key factors can help you make informed choices. There are many different kinds of probiotics, or species of beneficial bacteria, and each acts on the body in different waysDifferent strains of probiotics offer different benefits. It's essential to choose a...

Why do I feel so bloated?

Do you often feel bloated and tired? We’ve all experienced bloating at some point or maybe all the time.There are a number of reasons that can cause bloating and fatigue and I see it so often with clients for a range of different reasons. Its common but not normal to feel bloated. Its also important to consult a health professional to work out what is causing the problem rather than second guessing and eliminating foods that you think are causing the problem. So here are some common reasons for feeling this way, which are not always food related. Stress This probably doesnt seem that logical but it can happen especially when we spend the day running around and inhaling our food as we go. Properly chewing our...