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Benefits of Cold and Hot Water Therapy

Are you experiencing inflammation in your body, high blood sugar or carrying excess weight ? While this is not about nutrition, this is definitely something you want to read and understand as it is another tool in your kit for supporting your health that is simple and free and could change your life.When we expose our bodies to the stress of cold or heat, It's called "hometic stress," but it's actually a good thing. This type of stress, which includes activities like taking cold showers or enjoying heat exposure, works wonders for our health. Science calls this process "hormesis," and it's like a secret superpower that helps us thrive.I'm sure you've noticed the recent craze around ice baths and cold plunges. I've delved into the...

How gut health is key to clear skin

When it comes to beautiful skin its easy to focus on beauty from the outside in when its just as important to focus on beauty from the inside out. Your skin is not just a layer, its an organ and is an amazing indicator of what is going on inside your body - specifically your gut health.A lot of skin conditions from acne, dry skin to redness are a manifestation of our body’s internal needs, particularly nutritional ones. If our body is not getting the nutrients it needs or digesting food properly due to poor gut health, our skin wont receive the support it needs. Also if we are not detoxifying properly the skin will suffer. This can affect skin elasticity and collagen production resulting...