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sugar craving

Why am I craving sugar?

Do you have a sugar craving at the same time each day or straight after a meal?I see people who are so committed to eating well and looking after their body yet still they feel like something has taken over their body at 3pm every day. Or it may be straight after a lunch or breakfast that is seemingly healthy then bang you are hit with an insatiable need to devour a muffin or a block of chocolate.Sugar or simple carbohydrates help release a burst of our feel good hormone dopamine, so you feel good for a little while. But almost as quickly, you “crash” and return to feeling low, and the cycle starts all over again. In the long term, this can mimic the effects...

liver detox

Estrogen Detoxification

For our body to process estrogen it requires a 2 step process through our liver and gut. Women can experience what is known as estrogen dominance and this can be usually as a result of inefficient estrogen detoxification via these 2 pathways.This can look likeheavy / painful periods PMS headaches fibroids endometriosis symptoms mood swings tender breastsOnce the estrogen has left its receptor in the body and is no longer needed it is moved to the liver to be broken down in 2 phases before entering the gut. If the liver is functioning optimally to break down then estrogen, it will move through the 2 phases. Estrogen is then moved to the gut to be excreted. If the gut microbiome (bacteria) is balanced and healthy the estrogen will be excreted. However if its not...

womens health

Perimenopause and diet

 Perimenopause, diet and what is going on?Irregular cycles, unexplained weight gain, mood swings, sound familiar? These could be new symptoms you're experiencing due to perimenopause? And what the hell is perimenopause? There is definitely a lack of information for women out there about what to do and how to support our bodies during this hormonal transition. Peri is a Greek word for "around" or "near" menopause. Perminenopoase begins on average at age 40 and usually about 10 years before menopause, for some it seems to start happening earlier.Perimenopause is when a woman's ovaries begin to make less oestrogen and the body responds. It's a phase that lasts until menopause. It’s definitely a time we really need to take more care of our bodies, slow down...

Are your hormones balanced?

I think hormones are highly underrated when we are talking about our health and particularly hormone balance. They play such a crucial role when it comes to how we feel each day as they affect every aspect of our health and wellbeing....