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Are you supporting your liver?

How are you supporting your liver? Nurturing this incredible organ is so critical when it comes to how we feel each day. The liver works pretty hard 24/7 to rid those toxins from our everyday as well as break down our sex hormones (estrogen) and cholesterol as well as other amazing things. There are no tests for a congested liver but it is easy for it to become overloaded from our diet & lifestyle and then it can’t do it’s job of detoxing our bodies effectively. Signs our liver may need some more love you struggle with PMT with crazy mood swings and cramping. This can be a sign your sex hormones are out of balance due to liver congestion you often wake up during the night and...

How food affects your mood

Many of us do not think about how food can impact the way we feel, but we all know the feeling of using food as a short term pick-me-up. When we are feeling a little tired, stressed or bored, we often reach for a sugary snack to help us feel good. But, this can actually make things worse in the long term. Australian researchers have recently confirmed that unhealthy diet and mental ill health are linked. One study showed that a modified Mediterranean diet significantly helped patients with severe depression within 12 weeks. An unhealthy diet, whether it’s too much junk food, or not enough ‘nutrient-dense’ foods, or both, is a risk factor for depression and anxiety. It also appears to be a risk factor for more general...


5 easy ways to up your vegetable intake

I know many people who struggle to eat the recommended amount of vegetables per day and the recent Australian Health Survey found that less than 4% of adults eat 5 serves per day. I think meat and carbohydrates have traditionally played a starring role in our food culture rather than the vegetables. ...