Meet Alison

Qualified Nutritionist

We all have our own food story.

I’m here to uncover and rewrite yours.

Whether your food habits were shaped by your childhood, health circumstances or society’s unrealistic expectations (read: glossy magazine covers) – we all have a unique relationship with food.

And let me guess, you’ve hit a turning point in your life and you want to change yours.

Well, take a seat. Because I help people just like you build nourishing, realistic and sustainable eating habits so you can feel energised, strong and nourished. Every single day.

Whether your focus is on digestive issues, women’s health, fatigue or simply making better choices. Together, we’ll use food as the fuel to live your best life.

Who am I?

 I’m Alison Tehan, a postgraduate qualified nutritionist on a mission to empower women to take charge of their health, energy and vitality.

And I’ve got a food story, too

The beginning

I grew up on a farm in country Victoria. A place where wholefoods were the norm, cooking nourishing meals was a rite of passage and living off the land – mostly through seasonal, fresh vegetables – came naturally.At the time, I didn’t know any different. What I considered a normal part of growing up, wasn’t what others experienced. And it wasn’t until later life that I realised this shaped my path today, giving me an innate ability to nourish my body, cook delicious meals and see food as a source of medicine.

The middle

If my early years shaped my path today, then I’d consider my 20s a time where I took a rogue detour. Like many of us, my 20s prioritised fun over health. Parties over good sleep. Convenience over wholefoods.

So naturally, I had all the symptoms that go with that. I quickly realised what life can look like when you don’t invest in your health – something I had never experienced growing up. Not only that, I also struggled to find my direction and fell into the corporate world – adopting quick and convenient eating habits to suit. Health and wellness became an afterthought.


After having my first child my focus shifted. Knowing I was responsible for another tiny human, I fell back to my natural instinct for eating well.

Yet at the same time, I was surrounded by friends and family who were experiencing a whole range of gut and hormonal issues, and all I wanted to do was help.

 I soon realised what was second nature to me, was life-changing for someone else.

So, I jumped feet first into a postgrad in nutrition and the rest is history.

Today, I’m dedicated to educating women on how a few simple changes can make them feel energised and radiant.

So, what do you say, are you ready to rewrite your food story?

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“I was so confused about what to eat before I went to Ali. Now my skin is clear, I don’t feel tired and I’ve lost weight. I would recommend Alison Tehan Nutrition to anyone who really needs that boost in life. Which is most of us.”

Jana Munro


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