Meet Alison

Qualified Nutritionist

Alison is a university qualified Nutritionist and Health and Wellness Coach in Mt Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula who is passionate about helping people understand how whole food nutrition is vital to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

Alison’s approach to nutrition is focussed on building long-term, nourishing eating habits that promote healthy outcomes. She provides clients with a holistic, realistic and individual approach to a nutrition plan that leads to improved health choices that work for them. She encourages a healthy relationship with food without the guilt and recommends beneficial and sustainable eating habits with no fad diets!

Clients are assessed holistically and individually, drawing on the most recent evidence-based research. Clients are encouraged to feel more motivated and make better health choices through being better informed.

Alison is committed to ongoing professional development at the highest level to ensure she offers the most accurate and appropriate advice.

Alison supports people to reconnect and learn to trust their own intuition around food. She provides a relaxed and supportive environment for those faced with illness or a specific health concern, or simply looking to improve overall health.

Alison’s clinical focus is on weight management, women’s health, irritable bowel syndrome, digestion issues, weight loss and sports nutrition. Read more about Alison’s food philosophy.