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7 Day Spring Cleanse

7 Day Summer Cleanse eBook


26 whole food recipes including 7 breakfast and 19 dinner recipes.




Do you want to feel more energised and feel lighter? Designed by Alison Tehan, a qualified Nutritionist, this 7 day Cleanse aims to support your body to detoxify naturally whilst nourishing your whole being so that you feel more energised, balanced and recharged ready to kick start into 2023.

The Cleanse includes 7 days of wholefood recipes as well as lifestyle habits to kickstart your way into the year with increased energy and vitality. All recipes are plant focused and high in nutrients that will help you return to feeling renewed and will improve overall health and wellbeing. By eating more plant based food, you’ll help nourish your body and aid elimination benefiting the liver, the immune system and digestive system.

This program is not a fad or full of juices that will leave you feeling hungry and depleted. This cleanse is designed to support your body’s natural detoxification pathways, increase your energy levels, shift any heaviness and feel lighter and get back that inner glow.

What is involved

  • 21 different recipes across 7 days – lots of plant rich recipes but no refined sugar, red meat or wheat
  • Daily protocol that includes rituals to help support your health everyday
  • 40 page guidebook including tips and guidelines
  • A habit tracker checklist to keep you on track
  • There is no set date for this cleanse and you can do this whenever it suits you – everything is included.

What is required of you?

My strictest guideline is no coffee, alcohol or processed food for the full 7 days. This gives your body the best chance to detox and thrive.

Why do the cleanse?

If you feel like coming out of 2022 and the festive season has left you feeling heavy and lethargic then participating in a guided cleanse for a set time can help to reset your body and mindset. By eating more nourishing food, you’ll help nurture the body and aid toxin elimination while increasing energy levels. More specifically, consuming a more plant-based diet can offer a beneficial impact on every aspect of our health including the liver, immune, digestive and nervous system.