Food Philosophy

Nourish     Inspire    Balance    Connect

Food has the power to nourish and energise our bodies and it is the nutrients in our food that keeps us alive. The way we eat is the most basic way we demonstrate care for ourselves. Consuming whole real food is the foundation for amazing health.

Over the last century, we have lost our natural way with food and food culture. We are no longer nourishing ourselves with real food in a mindful way, instead we are drawn to a culture of enjoying fast, processed and fake food. To recreate our food culture we need to reconnect with real food, practice eating with mindfulness and enjoy whole foods.

For me, growing up on a farm there was always a huge emphasis on eating whole foods and learning to live off the land. I had access to an amazing and extensive vegetable garden and a mother who passed on her love for cooking real food in a simple way.

I encourage clients to appreciate the taste and quality of carefully produced food. Sharing this pleasure with others is what helps build deeper connections with not only the environment and the land but with each other. The concept of fast food and fast eating habits, such as eating quickly and under stress can not only lead to poor digestion but also chronic health problems.

My passion is to inspire and empower people to make nutritious food choices, to enjoy the food they are eating and above all to eat mindfully and enjoy being nourished by it.

“What happens on your plate represents your most important engagement with the natural world and your biggest impact on the Earth” – Michael Pollan