Estrogen Detoxification

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Estrogen Detoxification

For our body to process estrogen it requires a 2 step process through our liver and gut.
Women can experience what is known as estrogen dominance and this can be usually as a result of inefficient estrogen detoxification via these 2 pathways.

This can look like

heavy / painful periods
endometriosis symptoms
mood swings
tender breasts

Once the estrogen has left its receptor in the body and is no longer needed it is moved to the liver to be broken down in 2 phases before entering the gut.
If the liver is functioning optimally to break down then estrogen, it will move through the 2 phases.
Estrogen is then moved to the gut to be excreted. If the gut microbiome (bacteria) is balanced and healthy the estrogen will be excreted. However if its not balanced and you have too much of a certain type of enzyme produced by bacteria in your gut then the estrogen can be recirculated in the body. This process is known as estrogen recycling which can lead to the symptoms of estrogen dominance.

This is why liver & gut heath is so important and two of the best things you can focus on for more balanced hormones.This is one of the reasons i created the Spring Cleanse where i help people put this into practice and support your liver and gut through proper diet and lifestyle practices.