7 Reasons to see a Nutritionist

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7 Reasons to see a Nutritionist

I find some people look at me a bit blankly when I tell them I’m a Nutritionist which makes me think that maybe it isn’t that obvious how I help people. Here are some reasons why anyone would need to see a Nutritionist

  • you’re not sure what food you should be eating anymore. You’re so confused by all the diets and superfoods that are promoted you have lost your way with what to eat
  • your digestion isn’t working as well as it used to. You have IBS or feel bloated, lethargic or you have a lot of gurgling or constipation
  • you are trying to manage your weight but you are not sure what diet to follow or how to go about it. No matter what you eat or how much you exercise you are still gaining weight
  • you are low in iron or suspect you have nutritional deficiencies due to poor skin or skin breakouts
  • you have a medical condition such as high cholesterol, prediabetes or high blood pressure and need to adjust your diet
  • you would like to follow a meal plan that is designed especially for you to reach your specific health goals but not sure where to start
  • you are at a new and significant life stage where your hormones are changing and you are feeling fatigued..hello peri/menopause

But this list is not exhaustive and people see me for lots of other reasons. One thing people often say is that by talking to someone outside of their family/friendship circle about eating and lifestyle habits a Nutritionist can keep you more accountable. We can see things that may be hindering your goals that you or those close to you may not see. So it’s good to think of it as taking a step to better health and if you choose to see me, I’m an awesome listener too. Head over to my contact page to make an enquiry.